Deliver Quality Care for your patients using Salesforce ® Health Cloud

More than just managing your patient Information

Create a strong, collaborative relationship with patients and caregivers to help patients to manage a better quality of life. Our implementation of Salesforce ® health cloud helps care coordinators engage with patients by grouping all critical information to deliver better healthcare outcomes.


DFL Implementation of Salesforce ® Health Cloud

In addition to improving the overall healthcare outcomes, building a private patient community would be at the heart of collaborative patient care. Bringing all key stakeholders such as care coordinators, physicians and caregivers on the same collaboration platform gives an easy way to interact and coordinate patient care.

  • Build Private Patient Communities
  • Create concurrent care plans for patients
  • Easy access to Protocols and Articles
  • Enable care teams to track gaps
  • Provide Assessments for Gathering Patient information
  • Support Claims processing
  • Manage Patient risk with Einstein Analytics
  • Support Health Cloud on Mobile

Improve Patient Relationships

Health Care Cloud enables care givers to improve patient relationships by providing access to the right communication tools and visibility into pertinent patient information.

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