Real Estate

Give wings to your business and let it land at your customer’s doorstep with Salesforce® Real Estate Cloud.

To manage and deliver beyond customer needs

With clients being the backbone of your business, it’s imperative that you, as real estate agents, stay on your toes in anticipating their needs better, establishing consistency in maintaining your relationship with them and delivering speedily. Our implementation of Salesforce® Real Estate cloud helps generate endless leads and prospects and create a strong, collaborative relationship with your clients, leads and prospects and manage the relation effectively.


DFL Implementation of Salesforce® Real Estate Cloud

The objective of all selling processes in the real estate industry is to transform prospects into actual sales. Salesforce® Real Estate Cloud consists many special functions that help organize and streamline the perspectives and activities to get along faster and with more assurance toward the final sale. Also, can help real estate agents get a step closer to function more effectively.

  • Build Private Communities for buyers, sellers and tenants
  • Easy access to Leads and Prospects
  • Effective management of offerings and deals of properties.
  • Accurate contact and business information management of clients and prospects.
  • Ever available customer support using bot for informative collaboration with prospects/leads anytime.
  • Graphical representation of business with Einstein Analytics.
  • Providing ease to customer with mobile supportive applications.

Make effective business with customer reach

Real Estate Cloud helps the business to improve customer reach and provides a wide access of information to the customers and prospects to improve sales with greater vision.

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