17, Apr, 2024 | By Mahesh Siddireddy

What is Certinia PSA?

Certinia PSA (Formerly Known as FinancialForce PSA).
Certinia integration of front and back-office functions ensures that your business operates efficiently with real-time data accessibility. 

By consolidating sales, financials, and project information within a single customer record, Certinia enables clear processes, enhances visibility, and empowers users to take action from anywhere

FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) is built on the Salesforce platform, allowing your business to manage your services projects all on a single cloud-based platform. 

PSA is an on-demand solution that allows you to manage people, projects, customers and transactions. In PSA you can create projects based on opportunities and accounts and attach products to a project and then make assignments to those projects and track time logged against the assignments.

Administrators can customize many different areas to secure your data using a combination of FinancialForce PSA Permission Controls and Salesforce user controls.

PSA have security like object level, field level, record level through permission sets, permission set groups permission controls etc.

Why do organizations use Certinia PSA?

Businesses adopt Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools to streamline administrative tasks and maintain cohesive project management. The decision to onboard a PSA tool is often financially motivated, as organizations typically save money by switching to such tools. 

How do they benefit financially from using Certinia PSA? 

Financially, using PSA tools results in cost savings through reduced administrative overhead, improved resource utilization, and more accurate billing. By optimizing operations and enhancing project delivery, organizations can increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve profitability. 


Certinia PSA is a professional services automation platform designed to streamline and optimize various aspects of project management, resource allocation, time tracking, and financial management within organizations. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features to help businesses efficiently plan, execute, and monitor projects, ensuring smooth workflows and improved project outcomes.

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