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What is Vlocity?

Salesforce Vlocity, now known as Salesforce Industries, is a set of industry-specific cloud-based applications built on the Salesforce platform. It provides solutions for various industries such as communications, insurance, health insurance, energy, and utilities. Vlocity helps businesses streamline their operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive digital transformation by offering pre-built templates and configurations that align with industry-specific requirements. It leverages the scalability and flexibility of the Salesforce platform to create customized solutions that meet the unique needs of different industries.

Who created Vlocity:

 Vlocity was a San Francisco-based developer of cloud CRM apps founded in 2014 by James Ramsey, Mark Armenante, Craig Ramsey, David Schmaier, Jeff Amann, and Young Sohn.

Salesforce Vlocity is used to:

Vlocity offers industry-specific solutions through pre-built templates and configurations, significantly cutting down on development time and effort. By harnessing the scalability of the Salesforce platform, Vlocity empowers businesses to effectively manage vast amounts of data and expanding customer bases. Moreover, Vlocity enhances customer experiences by facilitating personalized interactions, streamlining operations, and delivering tailored experiences. With its industry-specific applications and pre-built components, Vlocity accelerates the time-to-market for businesses, enabling swift development and deployment of solutions tailored to their needs.

Salesforce Omnistudio:

The Salesforce OmniStudio, digital engagement suite, makes it easy to click-configure rich, consumer-grade user experiences based on objects, APEX classes, REST APIs, and other data sources. 

Vlocity offers drag-and-drop configuration capabilities that empower customers to create guided brand experiences tailored to their respective industries. These experiences can be seamlessly deployed and updated across various devices and channels, ensuring consistent engagement. Additionally, Vlocity boosts user productivity by enabling intuitive interfaces and workflows. Its integration capabilities allow for seamless connection with other applications and data sources, fostering greater efficiency and collaboration. Moreover, Vlocity promotes self-sufficiency among consumers, employees, and partners, empowering them to effectively navigate and leverage the platform’s capabilities


Vlocity and OmniStudio are changing how businesses handle industry-specific challenges and digital interactions, helping them run smoother, improve customer satisfaction, and adapt to the digital age.

What is Salesforce Vlocity, and what is its current name?

Salesforce Vlocity, now known as Salesforce Industries, is a set of industry-specific cloud-based applications built on the Salesforce platform.

What are some key features of Salesforce Vlocity?

Some key features of Salesforce Vlocity include providing industry-specific solutions, enhancing scalability, improving customer experiences, and accelerating time-to-market.

What are some key capabilities of Salesforce OmniStudio?

Some key capabilities of Salesforce OmniStudio include drag and drop configuration, creating guided brand experiences, deploying and updating across multiple devices and channels, increasing user productivity, and enabling greater self-sufficiency for consumers, employees, and partners.

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