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Why do you need CPQ?

CPQ works in real time and provides sales with everything they need to close a sale. It helps to improve customer relationship management by making all sales components easily available. It allows sales to not only sell more but sell faster as it speeds up and automates the sales cycle.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is an amazing sales tool that helps companies create precise and configured sales quotes for customers. We are talking about highly complex sales transactions here. CPQ gives sales reps and leaders full access to the data they need to speed up even the most complex quote. The CPQ tools are a sure shot solution to most of your challenges associated with customer relationship management.

Enables companies to launch new revenue models: CPQ systems can adapt to different pricing structures and support various revenue models, enabling companies to explore new ways of monetizing their products or services.

Helps sales reps close deals fast: By providing sales reps with accurate pricing and quoting tools, CPQ software accelerates the sales cycle, allowing reps to generate quotes quickly and efficiently.

Gives companies control and visibility over offerings: CPQ systems centralize product and pricing data, giving companies greater control over what products and services are offered and sold. They also provide visibility into sales activities and performance metrics.

Capturing tribal knowledge: CPQ software can capture institutional knowledge and best practices, making it easier for less experienced users to generate accurate quotes by guiding them through the process.

Guiding users through product selection: CPQ solutions can guide users through a structured process of selecting the most suitable products or services for a customer’s needs, ensuring that the final quote meets their requirements.

Enforcing business and technical rules: CPQ systems enforce business rules, such as pricing policies and discounting limits, as well as technical rules, such as product compatibility constraints, to ensure that configurations are complete and valid.

Ensuring access to the latest product and pricing data: CPQ software integrates with product catalogs and pricing databases to ensure that sales reps always have access to the latest product information and pricing data when preparing quotes.

Managing discounting and approvals: CPQ systems automate discounting processes and streamline approval workflows, ensuring that discounts are applied consistently and following company policies.

Generating dynamic proposal documents: CPQ software can generate customized proposal documents with consistent branding, content, and structure, ensuring a professional presentation of quotes to customers.

Benefits of Salesforce CPQ

Fast Implementation

DealHub leads the CPQ category, in part, due to our ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate the platform.Even complex pricing and product configuration are simple to implement and customize according to the customer’s specific needs.

Easy to Use

DealHub CPQ takes top scores for usability helping streamline critical business processes.
Sales playbooks and pre-configured rules for pricing and discounting increase adoption, decrease onboarding time, and make maintenance and changes hassle-free.

Award-winning support

Our customer support and success teams work with each customer at every stage of their CPQ experience.
From onboarding to launch to expansion, our greatest commitment and highest priority is to assure our customer’s success.

Salesforce CPQ software can benefit your sales teams and overall organization in several ways, few ways are:

==>Improve accuracy and boost sales performance

==>Quickly create quotes and proposals

==>Increase deal size/up-sell and cross-sell

==>Eliminate errors in pricing and contracts

==>Improved cross-channel visibility and management

==>Quick roll-outs of new products and pricing configurations

==>Streamlining channel order flow

==>Reduced errors because the information is accessed from a central location

==>Ability to view and manage commissions in real-time

==>Reduced risk and ensured compliance

==>Standardized proposal management

==>Guided selling 


Salesforce CPQ offers a comprehensive solution for streamlining sales processes, improving accuracy, and boosting overall performance. With its fast implementation, user-friendly interface, and award-winning support, it empowers sales teams to quickly generate Price quotes and proposals, leading to increased deal size and reduced errors. By standardizing proposal management and guiding selling, CPQ ensures compliance and reduces risks while enabling seamless integration and real-time commission management.


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